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Boo's Story

On a summer morning, John and Tiffany planned a morning of fishing on the Blackfoot river.   Upon completion of the morning fishing adventure, they were headed back to their truck when they heard a small cry from a nearby bush.  Upon investigation they found a small black kitten looking for affection.


Pretty much in the middle of nowhere, and apparently all alone, John couldn’t bare to leave the kitten.  He took the kitten home with him and called his brother, who is active in animal advocacy, and asked who he could contact to take care of this kitten.


His brother indicated that since he was in the Blackfoot area that the Bingham County Humane Society (BCHS), who specifically deals with felines, would be the best folks to contact.


John contacted the BCHS and subsequently was asked to bring in the kitten so they could provide care and prepare him for future adoption.  BCHS named him “Boo”, coming from part of John’s last name “Boodry,”


Fast forward a few weeks:  Kelly (John’s brother) was working at the BCHS facilities in the kennel area and ran across Boo in his kennel.  Kelly, not knowing that this was Boo and was the kitten John had found and brought to BCHS, immediately bonded with Boo and was taken with his energy and playfulness to the point Boo stayed on his mind throughout the following several days.


After discussing with his wife the special bond he had experienced with Boo, he decided to adopt Boo into his life.  Upon discussing the adoption of Boo with BCHS, Kelly learned that this was the kitten that his brother, John, had rescued and brought to the BCHS.

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