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We are a small group of volunteers who have been making a difference in the lives of companion animals and their caregivers in Bingham County, Idaho since 1991.  Our current focus is to address the needs of our communities' cat overpopulation. We assist Bingham County, Idaho residents through our discounted spay/neuter voucher programs and in rehoming healthy, adoptable companion cats. We rescue and care for cats and kittens in foster homes and at our shelter in preparation for adoption that otherwise may be at risk of euthanasia due to municipal shelter overcrowding. Over the years we have saved thousands of companion pet lives and have helped reduce the number of unwanted animals through education and promotion of the benefits of spay/neuter.



At Bingham County Humane Society, we are dedicated to addressing the issue of unwanted companion animal births.  We assist Bingham County residents with the cost of spay/neuter of their feline and canine companions.   Residents must purchase vouchers directly from us and are accepted at select partner veterinarians. . Call/text us for more information at 208-680-3881


We also have a Trap-Neuter-Release (TNR) program to help community cat (feral) colony caregivers to spay/neuter all cats in the colony. This not only stabilizes the size of the colony, but helps reduce disease


At Bingham County Humane Society, most of our rescued kitties are available for adoption through PetSmart in Idaho Falls. We do have a small number of sweet 'long-timers', special needs, and senior kitties at our shelter location that are available for adoption, but for various reasons won't be taken to PetSmart. Check our events page for occasional Meet-and Greet dates, or call/text us at 208-680-3881 to make an appointment to visit them.


An important goal is to educate our community about the proper care of their companion pets and the benefits of spay/neuter to help help them be the best pet-parent they can.  
We have informational brochures and kids activity pages available to pick up, but better yet, we will soon be starting an in-house educational program at our shelter location for small groups. We have curriculums targeted specifically for different age groups, Kindergarden-adult. Check our events page frequently for updates or call/text us at 208-680-3881 for more information

Programs: What We Do
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