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The Bingham County Humane Society (BCHS) is 501(C)(3) Public Charity managed by a small group of volunteers whose mission is to advocate the humane treatment of animals, responsible pet guardianship, and companion animal sterilization.


The BCHS has been making a difference in the lives of companion animals and their caregivers in Bingham County, Idaho since 1991.  The current focus is to address the needs of our communities' cat overpopulation. We assist Bingham County, Idaho residents through our discounted spay/neuter and Trap/Neuter/Return (TNR) voucher programs and in rehoming healthy, adoptable companion cats.  We rescue and care for cats and kittens in foster homes and at our shelter in preparation for adoption that otherwise may be at risk of euthanasia due to municipal shelter overcrowding. Over the years we have saved thousands of companion pet lives and have helped reduce the number of unwanted animals through education and promotion of the benefits of spay/neuter.

The BCHS maintains a limited admission (no kill) feline shelter that receives no municipal funding and is dependent solely on individual donations, small grants, and partnership with our local veterinary clinics to sustain the shelter and our various programs.


Because of our partnership with the local veterinary clinics, we are able to provide a discounted companion animal spay/neuter voucher system for residents of Bingham County, Idaho.  The clinics offer a discounted rate to our organization and we in turn pay a portion of that cost to provide an even lower rate to community members who want to be responsible pet parents but for whatever reason would otherwise not be able to pay the full price for spay or neuter of their dog or cat.

In 2021 we added a feral/community cat spay/neuter program known as TNR (Trap/Neuter/Return).  Through this program as funds are available, we financially assist community members in spaying and neutering of neighborhood cats.  Felines that are unsocialized are returned to their neighborhood after spay or neuter.  Unwanted felines, friendly felines, and particularly kittens, are rescued and sheltered at the Bingham County Humane Society building or placed into foster care until they can be spayed or neutered.  All felines are spayed/neutered, healthy, socialized, vaccinated, and microchipped prior to being placed for adoption through our organization.

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The BCHS provides age-appropriate animal care educational materials to the public at no cost.  Materials are distributed from our shelter, at fundraising and other public events, and are included in ‘goody bags’ provided at time of adoption.  The BCHS is working to add hands-on educational activities for youth.

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