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Meowsy's Story

We frequently hear about kittens that “disappear”. This is the story of a kitten who refused to disappear, a story of a kitten who fought to stick around. 


“Can you take a dying kitten?” Unfortunately, this was not the first time we’ve been asked this, we are not a vet clinic and not equipped to take sick or injured kittens/cats, let alone critical cases such as a dying kitten. They need to be taken to a veterinarian. But this tiny, cold, kitten was in our building and it’s hard not to help where we can. This baby was very close to dying.


She was posturing, a sign her brain isn’t getting what it needs to function, she was barely breathing, her heart rate was low, and she’d cry when touched. We really didn’t think she’d make it, but after a time of heat, honey, fluids, and a few prayers, she shakily raised her head. 


Cleaning her up was heartbreaking, every bone in her body could be felt. Worse still, while cleaning her face, we discovered she is missing her right eye. It wasn’t a new injury; it had been like that for some time. 

Despite her horrible condition, she began to purr. Just a sweet soul, happy to be alive. Her dentition puts her around 5 weeks old, yet she weighs as little as a 1-week-old kitten. 


This is the reality of kittens born outside. There is no sprinkle of fairy dust that accompanies their disappearance, just pain and misery. Statistically, 3 out of 4 kittens born outside will die.  But this little kitten, she wanted to be number four. 


Fast forward to today:  She is on the small side, but she certainly is a survivor. She’s now looking for her forever home but will need to be indoors 100% because her remaining eye doesn’t have very good vision. She does well and loves to play with her “older brother” kittens. 


She’s not super cuddly but loves laying and sleeping next to you. She’s a busy girl and would love to be a playmate to another kitten. She would be best in a quiet house, so she could get used to where everything is with no surprises.

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