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Shadow's (Fry Sauce's) Journey

Fry Sauce (which she was known as before her forever parents renamed her Shadow) came to us because her person needed to enter long term care. Already being a 4-5 year old spayed polydactyl female, acclimated to a home of her own, she wasn't into social interacting with other animals but she loved to interact with people and loved lots of attention. 

Several potential adopters were attracted to her but one particular family stood out as the best forever home for Fry Sauce.  They lived in Colorado and had just lost a long time feline companion just months earlier and wanted to again fill their lives with that special someone.

Even though they had only seen and read about Fry Sauce through the "cyber world", the connection became extremely strong and the best forever home distance, became insignificant.  As a result, Fry Sauce's journey to her forever home began.

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