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Siamese Twins Story

Let us tell you the story about the two darling little white kittens in our homepage photo.  At the end of May the Bingham County Humane Society was notified about a local “hoarding house” involving many cats. Hoarding cases are not something we are equipped to deal with, usually it involves Animal Control. But one of our volunteers was curious and ended up going to the house. After seeing one of the kitties from the home (we won’t show you the picture because it’s truly heartbreaking) that volunteer and another volunteer decided to help what cats they could.


Unfortunately, due to the horrible circumstances and the absolute terrible health conditions of the kitties in the home, the majority of the cats had to be humanely euthanized.


It was devastating to the volunteers that more cats couldn’t be saved, but they were able to save three kittens.

The kittens were only alive because they had been living inside a chair. They were skin and bones and the look in their eyes was of fear and misery. They had never known comfort, the caring touch of humans, or having enough to eat.

After a vet visit, vaccinations, and a bath, the two white kittens were taken to a loving home for a few weeks where they got to know kindness and love.


The third kitten, a little grey one, went to a foster home to be bottle fed and will be available for adoption soon. 

Because the kittens were so bonded, we looked for a perfect home where they could stay together and we found one with a wonderful family. The family knows their story and is giving them their best life.

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