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We could use volunteers that are willing to come in and

vacuum or dust an hour or so, either everyday or every few days.

Foster homes are always welcome too. You just need to be able to love and care for kittens, keep them safe, socialize them, and bring them to our building every 3-4 weeks for their vaccinations.


BCHS is here to help kitties and the people of Bingham County but we are just a few volunteers running our shelter and programs off donations.

Of course, donations are always needed and they go directly to helping the cats and kittens.

There are so many unwanted, neglected cats and kittens in our community we can't keep up. We're the only program like us in Bingham County. There are multiple rescues in Bonneville and Bannock counties. Please help.

If You Are Interested in Volunteer Opportunities Apply Here


If You Are Interested in Fostering Opportunities Apply Here


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