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Jack's Story

Jack was found out in the county, cold, dehydrated, and hungry. He was wearing a collar, so he was someone’s pet at one time. He’s a very handsome, sweet, lovey boy, but Jack needs surgery on his eyelids to keep the hair from out of his eyes. He doesn’t have the typical entropion problem, he was actually missing the top, outer margins of his eyes, a condition called Feline Eyelid Agenesis. 

If that wasn't enough, prior to surgery, bloodwork showed Jack also had Feline Leukemia (FELV), but because he was so lovable, we decided to do the surgery anyway and adopt him to a special home. (Jack was also cryptorchid, so he was a bit of a hot mess). 


With the help of many supporters, enough money was raised for his surgery, which went well. We then needed to find Jack the perfect home! It didn’t take long because we were contact by a family who fell in love with Jack’s adorable face AND had another cat with FELV that needed a friend. Jack is now completely spoiled, loved, and he turned out to be a pretty chonky boy at around 18lbs!

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